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Thread: August-September Entry: The Ferradan Hegemony

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    Wip August-September Entry: The Ferradan Hegemony

    First time entering one of these, and I wanted to do something like the maps of old - woodcut styling, parchment, etc. So far it isn't much - some smoothing of the curves and adding rivers (based on a tutorial I saw here) in inkscape, and then mostly of filter work (including some tricks from RobA) to get the woodcut look. However, I realize I made the mistake of not upping the size and resolution, so it's getting cramped. I will probably start over, but here's the plan, at least.

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    Looks like a good start.
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    Thanks! I've done a map here or there but mostly battlemaps, and this is my first experiment with more complex techniques and regional stuff. It's going...okay. Hardest part is never knowing if what I just put down is exactly what I want!

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    looking good - perhaps the land masses are a little "clean" in comparison to the ocean and the mountains a little thin in the lines ... and wow, that makes 13 entries for this challenge - cool
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    Yes, I've been looking at that for a while - the line weight inconsistencies bug me, so I'm working on those (and, I'm brightening up the ocean which will thin out the lines there a bit). It's an interesting challenge.

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    Looks great. Have you noticed the artifact down in the lower left corner?

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    Yeah, I noticed that. I think a layer got offset and during a fill, a tiny part of it picked up some color. I'll fix that!

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    Okay, some new stuff. After this I have to stop and go do actual housework for a while, but I'm pretty pleased with the progress thus far. One was "roughening" the lands. They're still a bit too clean but I added hatching and a small blur to hopefully give the illusion of a slightly rougher outline; I've filled in more labels here and there. I have to go back and address the mountains later, probably starting over by redesigning some mountain brushes to be slightly simpler and heavier.

    Still, labeling and naming is absolutely the hardest part, yikes. Thank you all for the feedback!

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