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    Wip Kalenai Island

    Hi! The new map Im drawing for my friend's world called Méssia. This is an Mythic Island that was the home of the elves when they came from the sky (the elves are -not friendly- aliens in my friends world but not even then know that!). Well it's made basicaly with some splatter brushes and my new Graphics Tablet! S2

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    very cool.. I think I like the second one the most. The colors are really nice.
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    Thank You! the second one is the final version, now I'll just add some details like the compass, scale and stuff like that... What do you think?

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    Very stylish and attractive. Depending on what sort of finish graphics you plan to add you may want to crop out some of that ocean as it's not really needed.
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    Hey Ascension!! I was planning to crop the ocean! thanks for the advice!! Now that's almost finished just waiting feedback to conclude and pack this little boy...

    By the way the text on the border is in brazilian portuguese, it's the history about the drawing of the map by the mage.

    This Island is a Myth among the inhabitants of Hamerôm, Nobody knows exacly how it look like because nobody ever was there, and the ones who adventured tehnselves inside the island was never seen again. The truth is that the island have a lot of powerful evil elves that ownz anyone who dare to go there, they guard a gate to the moon of the planet that is their Mainland. Probably I will draw the moon mainland as my next map.
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    nice coloring - perhaps its a little strange that the forests are only on the main island? and I do wonder a bit about the mountains in the middle also - mountains arise where tectonic plates colide and there for mostly appear in ranges. But then again, in fantasy worlds everything is possible. But looking good
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    Hey tilt thanks for the feedback. This map is based on a sketch made by a friend of mine I just did the coloring stuff, I noticed that there are mountains and trees only on the mainland but I am sure that he dosent want trees and mountains on the onther islands I will talk with him. =D

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