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This is my final version of Auralia. I tried to make this project a bit more ambitious than my first map. The map is based on popular touring maps which were avaiable from Motoring organisations for a small price for its members in the 60's until early 90's, when they became more concerned with insurance rather than motoring assistance and advice. Auralia is a country not far West of Australia. hence there are lots of similarities between Auralia and Australia.

The map is made mainly with Gimp , although I used CS5 extensively for labelling. I learnt a lot in this exercise.
I made the brushes for symbols (gbr), roads and railroads (gih) with Gimp . I had a lot of trouble with the creasing or folds of the map. In the end, I think I got it reasonably right and I made a small tutorial for novices like myself.

Tut =