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Thread: Flognun Mala

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    Default Flognun Mala

    I'm posting this up as finished. The WIP thread is here. Thanks for all the comment there!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	flognun_mala.jpg 
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    This map started as a photo of a wall with peeling paint, hence the final name of the map. "flognun mala" (or more correctly "flögnun mála") is what google tells me the phrase "peeling paint" is in Icelandic. I just kept trying languages on that phrase until I got an interesting one! I removed the accents as I hadn;t used any elsewhere in the names.

    The raw photo was auto-traced using inkscape to get a good vector based shape. I moved these around to get a better composition then exported the paths to gimp.

    The textures are all large genetica viewer textures flood filled on layers and exposed by painting on the masks.

    City icons, labeling, border, rose, map lines and legend were all done in inkscape then brought into gimp as layers and texture, bevels, shadows applied. The mountains were done imn gimp using a combination of angular gradient fills followed by blurring and the cubism filter, with shadows and highlights hand painted in after.

    I'm pretty happy with the result of this experiment and would be willing to make this map available without labels on request.

    -Rob A>

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    Looks great. All that from peeling paint! Have some rep for the nice map...and for sharing the techniques you used on it!

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    I would actually love it if this could be done without labels, if you were willing to do so.

    If cou could remove the major city textures so that is was just plain land, I might would even hug you.

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    The border is a bit too much for my taste, but the rest looks awesome!

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    This came out great. Thanks for mentioning the Cubism filter as well. I haven't tried that until now but it does a nice job of giving the mountains a rocky look. Sweet!
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    The mountains looks squared? But nice indeed.

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    This is fantastic. I don't mean to be nitpicky, but the scale throws me off... the cities are enormous, but moreso the bridges (some look 5-15 miles long?). Detail is fantastic and the fact that I'm seeing convincing cities and bridges at all is great.

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    Awesome simply awesome !!
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    actually, i don't see anywhere where it says the units are in miles, so I think that rob is safe from that aspect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
    actually, i don't see anywhere where it says the units are in miles, so I think that rob is safe from that aspect.
    Touche, I didn't catch that. Now I want to know the scale!

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