Hi everyone!

My name is Steffen, I'm a 24 year-old man from Norway who currently study archaeology at the University of Bergen.

A few months ago a D&D group emerged among my friends and soon I will be running a campaign (H2) as their dungeon master.
I like going the extra mile when I'm doing something I'm enjoying (who doesn't?), and drawing beautiful maps is what I'm aiming for this time. Today we use a dry erase homemade gridded map, but I want to serve my players with details whiteboard markers can't deliver.

The only problem with drawing beautiful maps is that I'm utterly terrible at drawing. Or perhaps more accurately, I have very little experience with drawing, or art in general for that matter. Experience comes from, well, experience, but I can't picture myself painting on a canvas or drawing a portrait, however I can quite vividly picture myself drawing maps.

So I am here to find tips and inspiration, and I'm sure I'll be successful finding both.

So there you have it, I'll see you around!