Greetings all! As a refugee from the Dundjinni boards (but longtime reader of CG), I've been searching feverishly for the contents of a tutorial posted on Dundjinni and now perhaps lost to e-blivion.

The tutorial in question was on how to create chunks of cliff material/rock formations using Photoshop. The technique was fairly simple: acquire a black and white rock template, overlay your desired texture, then cut and paste a selection with a feathered lasso. However, what I'm missing is the black and white rock template that was included in the tutorial. It was the only template I ever used for rock formations, and now that I'm on a new PC, I've lost access to it with the fall of Dundjinni.

Does anyone know the tutorial/template to which I'm referring? If not, does anyone have similar rock templates that can be overlaid with other textures?