I was encouraged to post something by several members and after "screwing my courage to the sticking place" as it were here it is. I realize it is very "first timerish" and I have no problem with feedback. I am still VERY new at using any sort of digital cartography (the original of this map was hand drawn over a year on a large piece of poster paper in pencil almost 20 years ago) The thing that amazes me is that the CC3 version of this map ALREADY looks far better than the hand drawn original and only took a few hours (most of that time was spent figuring out various elements of the software) This particular region has been a constant companion of mine for most of my adult life and was first created during a break in a game session. Although I haven't actually played D+D for a few years it serves as a inspiration for some writing I have done recently. Anyone famillar with the World of Greyhawk campaign setting will recognize some of the landmarks. This region "rewrites" some of the WoG history as it takes the place of the Tiger Nomad lands with a few geographical additions such as two new rivers a new forest and the "Grand Plains".

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