I've decided that I'm going to try do some "transformations" of New York. I've got a few ideas in mind:

a) A future military occupation takes a section of Manhattan or isolates it by land and across bridges from the area around it. Altering the layout and redirecting certain roads or bridges.

b) Possibly build a HUD/Handheld Digimap.

c) The US has been crushed by it's own financial issues and plummeted from the world stage. (No I'm not anti-US or a communist or anything like that... just making a speculation) This has left New York in the distant future as a micro-political warzone (Think Escape from LA...New York Style) but I'm not sure if I want it to be "Post Apocalypse" (i.e. the world has played catch the nuke) or "Result of Abandonment" (the rest of the world is just fine... the US however has dived and Canada has suddenly had to create a nice big military to keep the rabble from heading north from the USA). This would result in a city filled with Tribes/Gang/Power-Cliques... and mapping that. Probably futuristic style as well.

Any feedback from the people would be appreciated.