Hello all, I'm new to this site. I'm a gamer (above all else), an art tinkerer, a computer programmer, and a bunch of other random nerdy things. I am part of a company called DwD Studios (responsible for the Star Frontiers revival and webzine starfrontiersman you can get (FREE!!) at http://starfrontiersman.com. We are hard at work designing a new game, but as a diversion from the complexities of game mechanics/balance/testing, I thought to put together an adventure module or two for Labyrinth Lord (http://goblinoidgames.com). That's how I came across this site, looking for maps for the module as placeholder art until I could commission an artist. But in doing so I noticed the fine maps built by all you guys by use of CC3. My past experience (with the original CC) was less than satisfactory, so I decided to give CC3 a shot. Turns out that with a little effort, common sense, and some CAD skills (I'm a Controls Engineer in my real life) I can build my own quality maps. Well... maps anyway. I'll leave the "quality" term up to you to decide.

I'm hoping with use of the galleries and comments, my cartography skills will grow and I'll be able to do more maps for myself without requiring all that expensive outsourcing. Thanks for all the tutorials and assistance and I look forward to your critique, whether it's candy-coater or brutal :-)