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Thread: cavern generator

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    Wip cavern generator

    i thought i'd post a first look at what i'm currently working on,
    adding caverns to my random dungeon generator.

    i'm using the cellular automata algorithm from roguebasin for the rough layout,
    and making repeated passes at increasingly finer resolution to achieve the final cavern.

    the next step is improving performance. 13 seconds for a small dungeon at screen
    resolution is a bit much, and generating a print resolution map is crazy.
    after that, parsing the rough layout for rooms.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4c89c55a0a000066.gif 
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Name:	4c89c7e10a000066.gif 
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    Looks like a seahorse on the second pic... ^^ I think it looks nice, whats the white border around the edges tho? Sometimes the boxpattern(?) disseapears..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marken4 View Post
    whats the white border around the edges tho? Sometimes the boxpattern(?) disseapears..
    that's just the difference between the rough layout and the final cavern outline.
    at some point, i'll have to update the imaging code.
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    Looks good. I could wait 13 seconds for it tho - thats no biggie. I think quality is more important than a few seconds wait.

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    Wip update, fire and ice

    found a way to improve performance, and i've updated or created all the style routines.
    (although the style routines pretty well wipe out my performance gains)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wip getting closer...

    my algorithm for identifying chambers within the caverns mostly works,
    though it's pretty complicated and could probably be improved.

    the second map is a desert caverns scaled for print.
    about 3.5 minutes to generate, the majority of which is creating and dealing with image masks.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default final

    i'm down to about 4 seconds for a standard medium size cavern map,
    10 seconds with style, and 2 minutes with style at print scale.

    i think i'm done with optimization, unless anyone knows some deep magic
    for dealing with cellular automata across 9 million cell arrays.
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    Default more final

    my brain won't stop working on this.
    now down to 2 seconds, 5 seconds, and 1 minute.

    a colossal cavern only takes 15 seconds, 26 seconds with style.
    at print resolution should take about 8 minutes, but the process
    consumes all the memory on my machine and grinds to a halt.
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    I dont know what you are talking about but I like the results ; )

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