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Thread: Mount Sovereign Work in Progress

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    Default Mount Ironspine Work in Progress

    Note: Originally this had been work on Mount Sovereign. I converted this map into Ironspine, the second largest mountain in the world of Evensfell, when I realized the style was working much better for it.

    I am currently working on:

    • Snow
    • Coloring
    • Detailing
    • Mountain Cap
    • River Valleys
    • Neighboring Terrain

    Updates are likely to see more of this. The mountain is 4500 x 4500px when fully shown, which I will do relatively soon.

    The full Evensfell map can be found here:

    Ideally, the goal with this map is to build on it with Photoshop's large file format and create the whole world at this resolution. Doing this will likely take several years, so I'm going to focus on them region by region for now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had been working on a very large chunk of the map but decided yesterday I needed to narrow it down to the image below so I could finish detailing and get a finished product out. The attached image is very incomplete, but should give a good idea what future updates will have.

    Need to add snow caps, refine and improve the coastlines, improve the water, finish the ridges, finish the rivers, refine the shading, and color special areas. I'm toying with underwater terrain since some of the water is very shallow -- not decided yet.

    The lumpy mounds in the South and Southeast are totally incomplete at the moment -- they're going to be fully fleshed out as ridges, like the rest.

    This image is not doing well at different zoom levels, which is unfortunate.

    Bottom left has an overlay.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks very nice so far.

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    Thanks, Soixante!

    The snowcaps have really dominated my day today, but I did manage to get in some rivers and refine the water and coastline. It's possible I could have a finished product within a day or two.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, Ciderhelm, I couldn't stop staring at this map. It provokes images of mountainside settlements and foggy lakeside fisheries. Here's some rep!

    I would just point out that with so many tributaries feeding into it, the southernmost river would either be wider or running with such force that it will cut a deep valley in the lower hills. If you ask me, both sound fun, but either way it shouldn't look identical to its sister river to the west.

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    It looks good but it seems like there are too many rivers/streams unless there is extremely high precipitation for this region.
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    Thanks a lot for the comments!

    A couple quick notes -- yes, it's extremely wet. I agree w/ both of you that river sizing and river frequency are issues. For these reasons (and others) I felt that the presentation wasn't quite where I wanted it, so I spent time learning new techniques and have since stopped working in this style. The new style should address both concerns. :p

    If you want to check out where this ultimately went (and what I'm currently working on), go here:

    The finished product of this particular WIP can be found here:
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    Okay, only issue is that your shadows are not consistent. And as such when I see the mountain it looks to me like it's going into the picture, due to its shadows being opposite from the ridges that are surrounding the bay. I don't know what program you used so I don't know how fixable it is. Also, unless it's noon, in which case the shadows would be different anyways, one whole side of the mountain would be in shadow, which is why I'm losing any sense of height to the mountain.

    Not trying to rag on it, I think it's damn impressive, but I wanted to be constructive.
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    Looks very good I love the colors and the overall feel. Have some rep
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