Hellow fellows,

I'v used the search function but haven't found anything helpful, so I'm trying it here:

1st: My problem is how to create realistic looking islands? On earth we have a lot of islands with different looks but if I'm drawing islands by myself they are looking unrealistic - like random coastlines/mountains with no sense. So does an island every time has an high point (mountain, vulcan etc) with lower coastline around or are flat islands with palm trees or so more realistic? What about water on larger islands - where does it comes and where did it go? Same rules like in the thread of the River Police?

2nd: the arrangement of islands

Should an island look more like a broken peace from a bigger continent? And how far should it be away from the continent itselfs? What about groups of islands? Are they more "one broken island with water between" or have they more their own form/coastline mountains a.s.o.?

I think its much complicated to create realistic looking islands in combination with larger continents. So if there are any rules for creating an island that doesn't look like a green or yellow spot in the water it would be really helpful.

best regards