I have had lots of help here for my projects, and have so far got the project going well, up to about 3000 lines of code to convert images into a gaming map which becomes interactive with the mouse.

So i thought i would show a quick screen shot - this screenshot is of Egypt zoomed out, which was made by 2 members on this forum who kinda helped each other on it.

Users who helped RedRobes & Jaxilon

In due time it will be a MMO where you go to towns of Ancient Egypt do quests and battle other players if you happen to bump into someone on your travels!

Hope you like the design so far, alot of work to go. Comments on the map is welcome (the water mark won't be there thats just to stop some one using it).

I might be needing help on isometric objects if any one can do that?

Thanks - feedback welcome.