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Thread: [Withdrawn] September October Challenge: New Vikingland York

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    Default [Withdrawn] September October Challenge: New Vikingland York

    I thought about this for a bit and I'd like to speculate wildly on what NYC may look like if it was instead settled first by the Vikings (who did manage to get to North America). With my Shetland heritage (read: small islands used as a stop-off for Vikings before going to England) I've got a soft-ish spot for the Horn-Wearing Beard-Toting Non-Motor-Cycle-Riding Raiders of the 1100s-1300s.

    So I think I will be reshaping NYC as the modernist progression of a Viking Settlement. Woot, time for ambition ++ on the second map. *blinks* 2 months, create a game and reshape a major city around a water-based raiding culture of the 1100s... nope, no Big Hairy Audacious Goals here...
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