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Thread: Help us choose a new face!

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    Default Help us choose a new face!

    We have a terrible quandry: which of the following covers should become the new face of Destiny6? Please help us choose.

    Cover 1


    Cover 2

    Cover art piece done by Jon Hodgson. Licensed and used with permission.
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    The second one looks the best

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    agreed, the second one is better.

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    I like the header on the second one the best, and also like the "Core Rulebook" text - however, in my opinion we see to little of the drawing - the story that draws in the reader. So I'd find a way to show more picture and you have a winner
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    The gold background for the lettering looks richer but I am with Tilt in that I prefer to see the whole picture rather than just a circle.
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    I like the first one except for the blue bar at the bottom and the font on that part.
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    Replace the "CORE RULEBOOK" label on the first one with the label from the second one. The first cover is nicer overall, but the little stripe at the bottom with a garish font doesn't work well. The darker, plainer text won't even need a background covering up the art, as the picture is light enough for good contrast.

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    Agree with the 1st one being better (except the core rulebook label), the composition moves my eyes from sword to snake up the building to the title "destiny". the 2nd one wont let me finish at the title... could be my crappy eyes tho
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    Both my girlfriend and I vote for the first one--it looks cleaner and more like a traditional cover for a rule-set--while 'unconventional' can be good, I'd guess that, with a new product, it is good for the customer to have that added "ooooh, THAT'S what it is" feeling.

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