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Thread: Elvarn Trading Cities

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    Default Elvarn Trading Cities

    This is my first finished map here. I started this to see if I could make a map that didn't require any drawing of any kind as I know some people who cite lack of artistic abilities as the reason they can't make maps.

    I started with a picture of tree bark I'd taken earlier this year. After running it through threshold and edge-detect, I traced my continents. Then I stole ideas from these three tutorials until I had the start of something I liked. After that I just played around. The WIP thread was also very useful. I had a lot of fun making this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep, it's cool. I look forward to seeing more stuff from you. I think it's better than my first map.
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    Really good work for you're first map.I really like the color scheme of this map. Repped.

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