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Thread: *** September/October Lite Challenge - The Town ***

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    Default *** September/October Lite Challenge - The Town ***

    This month's lite challenge is to design a town. We've provided the street layout of major street and the collection of house shapes to use as a starting point. You must use these as a basis for your town. However they can be merged into larger structures and you don't need to use all of them. They can be resized and you can add more building shapes to the mix if you feel that these are not enough to populate your town.

    As with the previous challenge, this can be tackled with a little out of the box thinking - as long as the shapes are clearly represented in the final map.

    Here's the png of the shapes as your starting point:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	litemap.png 
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ID:	29555

    This challenge will run until the 15th of October after which there will be a few days of voting. The winner will receive a silver Lite Compass under their name.

    Before each WIP you must place the ### Latest WIP ### tag so that the thumbnail scraper can identify the latest WIP. Feel free to add new posts for each update so that others can see the progress of the map.

    Here's some tutorials that might be useful whilst you tackle the challenge:
    [Award Winner] A medieval town map tutorial in Photoshop
    Fastest town in the west
    Photoshop Town Tutorial
    The Ascension's Photoshop Town Tutorial V2
    Quick-and-Dirty Buildings for a Town Map in PS
    Create a random town

    [Award Winner] Creating cities with City Designer 3
    [Award Winner] Eneini: a medieval city tutorial (in Photoshop)
    Drawing City-Block Style Maps (Ortelius Tutorial)
    City Walls in Photoshop
    Clustered houses for a city in Photoshop
    City Maps in DAZ|Studio and Bryce
    [Award Winner] Creation and Depiction of Fantasy Cities - Parts I & II

    Also very useful:
    How To Make a Rotating Brush in GIMP

    If someone does make a gimp brush pipe for this challenge, then I'd suggest creating a new thread and sharing it. Afterwards we'll place that in the resources section. If you do this then you can certainly be assured of lots of rep from your fellow contestants for your help!

    If you find a tutorial helpful. please say so in your challenge entry, and don't forget to rep the tutorial maker, and rate the tutorial. Good luck!

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    Looks fun and out of my comfort zone - but I'm only able to focus on 1 challenge at a time. I'll sit this one out and focus on the big apple Good Luck all

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    I think that I might give this lite challenge a shot.

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    Looks like fun. I'm almost glad I can't play because I'd probably sign up and I have too much other stuff to do. Good luck to the entrants!

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    always time for a quick little town... and it might be a nice break from the really big town from the normal challenge...
    regs tilt
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    Why couldn't you tell me about this before I started with my Riverwing city?

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    *sits in corner and rocks back and forth*...Towns...cities....AAARHHHG!!!!!!.... Ok I'm in (what are you thinking...??)
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    Yep, all challenges are for experimenting, trying new techniques, testing concepts, and for basic learning. So far only a few have had real end-goals like the current one (and that's a pretty tough one) but we had the beer challenge and some Community World-Building Project (CWBP) ones. So we're trying to make the lites simpler and more accessible to getting ones feet wet...and hopefully more fun as well.
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    That's an odd-looking set of buildings (especially at night)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	img0.png 
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Name:	img1.png 
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ID:	29695  

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    Oh, nice. Now you've got to do a 3D entry for the challenge. I think those look pretty cool. How much work was it to extrude them (and what software did you do this in?

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