Sweetwater Port – Another destination on the Fantasy World Creation Project. The thought is that a Marsh serves a very benign function despite it being Troll and other creature infested (a black dragon in the heart of the marsh perhaps) – it acts a natural filtration system. Mountain streams pour into the larger lake, pass through the marsh where it is purified and well made sweet. There is a nice pun in the name. A port can be a trade destination and an alcoholic beverage. So people come from all around for the Port of Call to trade, but even more so for the Sweetwater Port brewed by the Hobbits that reside there, which is the best in all the land.

Ascension you may notice the building brush work. I used the ones you kindly shared to the forum. Hmmm I seem to be leaning on your tools for all my maps. Hopefully after some practice and experience I will be able to develop my own stuffs to use in my maps.

Anyway, this is a work in progress. There are a few things in this draft that I am not completely happy with and plan on making tweaks here and there.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.



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