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Thread: Set of Mapmaking Icons?

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    Question Set of Mapmaking Icons?

    I have CC3 and have played with it, but after some tutorials here on CG, I've been making most of my maps in Photoshop. While I aspire to beautiful atlas-style maps, I find I make a lot of quick maps for adventures, rather than world or regional maps - e.g., a map of forest paths or a map of a coastline with major encounter points. The kind of stuff the typical CC3 noob makes :-)

    I've swiped a lot of .PNG icons from CC3, but only some of them are in PNG format. Does anyone know of other sets of fantasy map icons? Either free or commercial.

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    The Dundjinni user forums are the end all for battlemat scaled objects. Also, ProFantasy publishes a couple of collections of additional symbols, although I think those are mostly vectors, and not PNGs.
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    Actually, I wasn't talking about battlemat stuff - just typical player handout maps. An example is below. I am in no way holding this up as an example of great fantasy map making ;-) However, I have limited time to prepare for adventures, so this is the sort of thing I often throw together.

    That was done in photoshop with some CC3 .PNGs. Unfortunately, Profantasy's symbols (at least the ones that are add-ons for CC3) are almost all .FCW files.

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    Don't sell yourself short..thats pretty good... here's a link with a bunch of symbols that are all PNG..hope they help..
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