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    Map Fantasy map request

    First off I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my request. I hope to get this request completed soon. I have little to no standards, just go crazy.

    First off, I suppose you should know the world I had in mind. This is for an RP of mine on a different site, that I will not link top for the sake of the forum, unless asked to. In this world, there are three main human races, one race is just like us. Nothing special. The other two are two different rival magic using breeds. The technology is rather modern, but few small differences here and there. Basically, I don't intend on their really being castles and such. A fortress and castle ruins are not only respectable, but encouraged. More than one continent would be cool, but no more than four please.

    Once again, I really have no real standards, and feel free to have more than one person attempt at this. No worries though, I will credit you and post a link to this forum and your profile. I will also reward you with rep. If you want me to send a link to the RP I am working on, I will gladly link you.

    I do hope to see some takers on this request, and please, do your best!
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