Sup? I am in need of a World Map for a project I've been working on and off of for a while now. Technically I can work without a map, but having one would be kinda neat.

Time-Frame: Oh, within the next 3 months would be nice.

Style: Ascension's Atlas Style (or similar). Something like this would be ideal, this is also quite nice.

Quality: Passable (if it looks like any of the maps linked above, it'll be fine).

Format: .png

Size: 2000 x 2000 pixels

Copyright: I get to use it obviously. You can use it too if you like, just because I'm nice. Hell, post it here publicly and anyone can use it. It is for an online project, so I will of course mention you in the credits - with possibly a link to this post or something (assuming the project ever gets online - yeah, it's one of those). There is a dream the project will one day be a commercial venture... but that's a dream - and I'm not willing to spend money on it at this stage.

Description: I don't want to be too specific, mainly because the Atlas style seems to lend itself to a bit of randomness (I do actually have a basic outline). Plus I think a map should kind of grow naturally - and trying to build to something specific probably wouldn't work. I do however, have a bunch of different territories with different types of terrain that are found in them:

Northland: Very green. Green pastures, with some purple-ish "heath" areas, forests and woodlands. A mountain range acts as a natural barrier between Northland and its neighbours. Maybe there are a few Mountain ranges? Some of the Mountains are Snow-capped. There are a couple of lakes here. Lots of rivers.

Lithennovia: Cold. Borders with Northland. Tundra (white, icy terrain) is near the northern edge of the map. There should be some major lakes here, maybe a series of lakes. Throw in a swamp for good measure. The border between Lithennovia and Aaba-Moz is a river. The border between Lithennovia and Northland is a mountain range.

Aaba-Moz: Very dry (yellow in colour). A major desert dominates the area (or maybe doesn't dominate but is featured). But it's not all desert. There are some prairies, a few hills.

Kell: This is a volcanic island, so obviously it's main feature is a volcano. It should be very "grim-dark". Use greys, make it look evil. The people who live here eat puppies.

Daierei: Bogs, marshes, forest and rainforest dominate this territory. There's a string of small islands between Kell and Daierei.

Ugaea: Another island. Much smaller than Kell. Dominated by a nice sandy beach / bay.

Invergith: Another territory.

The main concept is that is a wide variety of terrain, from cold tundra, to mountains, to green pastures, rainforests and bogs, and deserts. Lakes and rivers should be in appropriate lakey and rivery places. The territories are basically just different groups of terrain - but that doesn't mean terrain shouldn't be repeated. So if you can stuff all of that into it, as long as the basic stuff is there I'm not too fussed. EG: Kell is a Volcanic island - I'm not particularly too fussed where it ends up; Even if neighbours are shifted around or the desert area of the map ends up somewhere else because it just looks better there.

Leave out all the place / territory / location names as I'll add them in myself. All I require is a bare map with the basic geography I'm after.

Any takers?