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    Question How is it coming along??

    So, I started with a simple sketch, done by mouse in PSP X3. It's got color and everything so I know where to put stuff. Brown is mountains, green is forests, tan is desert, and the ugly green/brown is swamp. The blue is water. (Not like ya'll couldn't have guessed any of that huh?)

    The white at the top is where we will have the polar ice caps... like how they come down from the North into Alaska and Canada on our world.. there are other continents on this planet further north, but for now we are focusing on what we call the Northern Continent.

    Now, after following a tutorial on making realistic costlines, and another on shading water (basic shading anyway) and adding some map symbols one of ya'll posted (of which I had to copy over using GIMP to read the files, put them on transparent images that I then opened in PSP.... and turned into tubes)... this is what I have..

    Oh!! Click the images to view them in full size.. >,<

    Now.. my question is, how do ya'll think it's coming along? Any tips to offer that I may not have found yet? I'd like to add more detail to the water, and I do plan to eventually add color to the continent and the island.. I've just not gotten there yet.

    ANY input is welcome.

    Umm.. I DID put moutains on the WIP.... but apparently there was a hiccup in saving these "share" images.. glad the original work space is okay.

    //edits in the CORRECTED WIP images

    //editing in the redo's of the coastal lines (just to share with ya'll how it's changing.)

    First Edit

    Second Edit
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