This is my first challenge entry and also my first attempt in mapping something different than battlemaps so it's going to be a learning procedure.The attachment is an early view of Iscarleau. I have only got the main ideas straight and now I'm placing the buildings.I'm posting it now more as of a commitment for me to not back out of the challenge.

"The City of Iscarleau started out as a vacation resort for Count Regas and his wife. With the passing of the years though a small settlement started to flourish south of the mansion and slowly but steadily grew into what today is called The City of Iscarleau.Today, Count Regas's mansion has fallen to ruins after the great wars of the third era and nature is taking back it's territory ontop the hill."

Also here is an explanation for the numbers:
1. Temple for the Godess of travel Antaerun
2. Water mill
3. Varonian Family Estate
4. Market Triangle

C&C welcome and appreciated.
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