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Thread: First Work - The Lands of Drakovar

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    Default First Work - The Lands of Drakovar

    Hello there, I'm quite new in the forum (just exploring the tutorials and the talented works of the users).
    This is my first attempt ever to create a digital map for my RP adventure, but this forum inspired me A LOT!
    I've used materials posted on this forum and PS for this first work and I need tons of more practice to gain acceptable levels

    This is the map of the Lands of Drakovar a brand new House from my "A Song of Ice and Fire" RP campaign.
    All the names related to the saga are copyrighted by the "A Song of Ice and Fire" author.

    The Lands of Drakovar - Map

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    Interesting parchment, looks like plywood. I kinda like it, gives it some character. Nice map.
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    Nice map! The papyrusroll fits really well to it.

    Have some rep for your first map!


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    Nice!! maybe the text is a little bright for this style map but you can read it so that's all that reall matters have some rep!!
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    Nice job for your first map.
    Out of curiosity, the name of your campaign reminds me of something like I've hearded about it again(obsidian portal maybe) but I'm not that sure.

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    Thanks to all

    Quote Originally Posted by Avengeil View Post
    Nice job for your first map.
    Out of curiosity, the name of your campaign reminds me of something like I've hearded about it again(obsidian portal maybe) but I'm not that sure.
    I've posted related materials about my campaign in this thread for the first time, maybe other campaigns from other players had some name similarities. "Drako" is quite used on rpg

    p.s. I want to sorry for my not-so-good english

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    I think this is an excellent first attempt. You've mastered some important techniques very quickly and it shows. Contrast is important, but complicated. It is hard to be subtle and yet still make your map easily understood. The white text is a bit too dramatic and would probably "feel" better if it were taken down a few nothes. Another important detail is toning down your blacks. They aren't as visually startling but pure black would fade on an old map.

    Rep to you for taking the time to learn so much before beginning and for producing a nice map.
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