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Thread: My first map done with the aid of a tablet.

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    Wip My first map done with the aid of a tablet.

    Well, I finally broke down and picked up a Bamboo Fun about a week ago. I have been really busy with other projects lately, so I haven't had a chance to use it on mappy type stuff until last night. I turned this out in about an hour. I find the tablet doesn't help much for texturing work, but for layouts, drawing rivers, and laying down mountains, it is really convenient!

    Anyway, just thought I'd share. C&C is welcome.
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    Very nice looking.

    As for the tablet: Smart move - I think you will never look back!

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    Very nice!! I have been thinking about buying a tablet every time I see something like this I think a little more..
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    I got the Bamboo fun, and am really enjoying it so far! I was back and forward about whether to spring for the Intuos4 but decided I should start with the less expensive option and upgrade later if it turned out the whole tablet thing was really for me. I could always craigslist the Bamboo. If I were a rich man, I'd snag the twelve inch cintiq--maybe some day. I suppose I'd better keep practicing in the mean time.

    Slightly perspective warped version. Made this my desktop image until I whip up something better.
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    Anyone who uses "drawing rivers" and "really convenient" in the same sentence is going to get my attention! Lovely map - especially love the distress, crease-lines and noise on it that gives it that authentic look of something that's been stowed in a backpack between camps.

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    And to really give it that stored in a backpack and used look, add a cup ring or two.

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