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Thread: Battlemap - First try ever!

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    Map Battlemap - First try ever!

    Hello. This is my first attempt of a battlemap with PS, I want to share it with you.

    And also I'm here for asking about some tips for my further works:

    1. Can I use tileset of objects (fornitures, weapons, npc) with PS?
    2. Where can I find some view-from-above objects?
    3. Can I rotate patterns in PS?

    Thanks in advance

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    I am not a PS user but I know you can rotate items in PS and place them down. You may have to get them into a selection or put them onto their own layer but it can do it ok. There are loads of top down stuff in the resources section of the forum and links to other places where you can find more. Generally the Dundjinni forums have a lot but the largest collection of them is offline for a while until people can work out the download for them again. But we all post top down stuff all the time.

    BTW: your map is great ! Well done.

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    That is a great looking map !!
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    Your map looks really good. Nice job.

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