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Thread: Simple Castle

Hybrid View

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    Pretty cool, are you going to do more floors, etc.?
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    Very cool. I like the details like the buttery no one ever remembers the buttery..
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    Thanks guys. I guess it was more of a doodle and really trying to find easy ways to just keep adding bits on quickly and keeping it graphic-y and in grayscale. More levels probably coming, SG.

    I'm trying to get that look with the cobbles where you just draw a few of them to suggest the whole area is cobbled (like artists do with bricks in walls) but it's just not working...any suggestions?
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    Looks cool. The way you've done the cobbles it looks more as if they were covered with plaster which has fallen off in places. What about defining a texture with smaller patches, just hinting at the larger stones or something? Just a bump here and there and maybe some little patches in various places.

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    I know what you mean, mearrin - it looks horrible as it presently stands.

    Still can't quite get's one of those things where you kind of know what it should look like but it's hard to nail. I'm putting it to one side at the moment... thanks for the help!

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    Just use some low-opacity white and cover up the edges with a fade - that way the effect fades in and out.
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    Cobbles, hrm. I had the same issue with my own doodle. I think the key is to think about the cracks, not the stones. If you complete the line around each stone you are essentially defining a stone to the exlusion of others. If you draw just a few cracks that hint at edges or a corner of a stone you leave the brain to conclude that there's more beyond the drawn "thing"
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    I think Crayons has the right of it....At this scale most of all. only draw the stones if you would be able to see them in scale, and at that only a few at a time with those at the edge of the patch being incomplete. At the scale you are at here, you would only see the variation of stones and major repairs so cracks would be sufficient I think. I would'n put too many of them either unless you were gonna grunge things up later. just my own humble opinion, that......

    Looks good though. Not too sure on what scale we are looking at here after you put those buildings in. Looks like several of them would fit in the gatehouse.....By the way, how long to do the initial "doodle"?
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    Default Simple, eh...

    Hello, Ravells.

    Simple, eh...? I've only one question for you. What does a complex drawing of your entail?

    This is a beautiful castle floorplan. I am very impressed with its clean lines yet detailed thoroughness.

    You've certainly given me food for thought as well as ideas to try.

    < Runs off to find a pencil and paper... >

    Looking forward to the castle's further development.


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