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    My 2nd version of Eletiam. 1st version is on paper with ink, I'ld upload it if I had a scanner.
    Eletiam is a story I've been working on for the past year or two, I have a lot of back story and info on the world and some of the main characters, but I haven't actually gotten to writing any chapters yet.

    Basically, the main character, (Vaughn) Is a 15 year old boy who has mastered the fire element, normally it takes a lifetime to just master one element, but since he learned so quickly, he sets out on a quest to master the other elements.
    The Main Country, Spiricas, thinks he would be an excellent addition to their staff so they try to turn him every chance they get, but he learns that not all leaders do whats in the best interest of their peoples.

    I used Ascentions Tut for the continental shelf, hills, and mountains, the rest I was playing around with on my own.
    Comments? Suggestions?

    this is scaled down, dial-up is too slow to load the full 3k x 2.5k pixel jpeg
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