I am absolutely delighted to be here, and thought I'd start by showing what I'd done!

I recently rediscovered the guild, and found several wonderful tutorials that I am absolutely in love with! So, I followed a few, namely Jezelf and Ascension's, and I was amazed at how easy (once I got a few bugs worked out ) it was to create such lively and beautiful maps! So many thanks to Jez and Ascension for their tutorials, and here's my own version of Ascension's Atlas style!

As I was following the tutorial I figured out a few tricks here and there, and as I always do, started making up stories to go with all the names, places, and geographic features. I decided that this continent has been at war for many years, with a recent peace coming to the lands of the continent of Mercavur. It has been a full century since the last war, and so I decided that I wanted a worn looking map, and here's my aged map of the continent of Mercavur!

Click image for larger version. 

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