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Thread: Starship deckplan/Cosmographer 3 tutorials?

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    Default Starship deckplan/Cosmographer 3 tutorials?

    Can anyone point me to any tutorials for making starship deckplans (or any other space-related thing, e.g. a system or subsector map) using Cosmographer 3? I don't seem to have much luck finding any. Would prefer a youtube video that I can work along with, but a text-based one would also be good.


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    Don't know of any yet as Cosmographer 3 was just released
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    Were there any for Cosmo 2? I'd guess that they'd still work fine with the new version wouldn't they?

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    Nobody's even done one for the old Cosmographer? Heck, I'd settle for a sailing ship deckplan tutorial for CC3, it's probably the same idea...

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    I'm sure there was one for making deckplans with Cosmographer 2 (I've been through it), it came with the software if I remember. Have you looked on the profantasy site or asked on the forums there?

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    It's important to note that deck plans in Cosmographer 3 for CC3 work differently than they did in Cosmographer 2 for CC2 Pro. In Cos 2, different decks lived on different sheets within the same FCW file, but since sheet effects were introduced in CC3, Cos 3 deck plans now put different decks into different FCW files which are then linked together.

    I haven't seen any tutorials for Cos deck plans other than what is in the Tome of Ultimate Mapping (for CC2 Pro/Cos 2), and nothing for Cos 3 to date (the Cos 3 Essentials Guide PDF hasn't been released yet and CC3 Help doesn't have any Cos 3 support yet either).

    There was, however, an issue of the Cartographers Annual Volume 1 in August 2007 that features starship deck plans that work similar to what is now in Cos 3 and that includes a PDF tutorial on making deck plans.
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