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Thread: My Random City Map Project

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    Question My Random City Map Project

    I think this is pretty cool, and I hope you do too...
    Random City Map Generator

    I think this is a good first cut, but of course there are many things I want to add to it...
    A second or third street layout (which are less planned), some extra distinctive buildings (an arena, wizard's tower, etc.), occasional wells, and some other odds and ends.

    But you all have more expertise than I do. I'm more of a programmer than an artist or medieval historian. What do you think?

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    Looks pretty good so far...
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    These programs always have their place. For what it is, I like it. (that was meant to sound positive)

    But a better way to output the image would be a nice improvement.
    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go..

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    Agreed, looks good

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    Wow! That's freaking awesome!

    If you're working on it looking for more suggestions, more randomness with the streets' layout would be nice. Old cities had very few straight roads, unlike today's cities.

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    It's a superb start! It's the best city generator I've seen to date on the web, apart from the really high end ones that cost thousands of dollars to buy. Have a look at the link in my sig on depicting fantasy cities, it may give you some ideas. I'd be really happy to work more closely with you (either on this thread or separately) to improve on this already fantastic generator.

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    I definitely would like to get some new street and building layouts. I plan on working on another one over the new week or three. Would you/anyone have an interest in that?

    Here's a blog post that describes some of how it works:

    If someone wants to do some alternate street/building layouts, maybe the best thing would be for me to provide my master GIMP file (I can save it as PSD) and then the appropriate layers could be replaced. Email joewetzelxyz at gmail dot com (remove the xyz) if you or anyone is interested and we can work up the details.

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    This is great. Very well done so far. Have you taken a look at the old RPG City Map Generator? As I'm thinking it may give you some ideas. There is no website for it any longer but you can download it here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soixante View Post
    This is great. Very well done so far. Have you taken a look at the old RPG City Map Generator? As I'm thinking it may give you some ideas. There is no website for it any longer but you can download it here:
    Thanks... yeah, I think I had seen that before. I'm running a mac at the moment, but is it this? That's where I was/am hosting it and it has a picture of a sample result.

    I don't like to just rehash something, so what I'm doing has a different approach technically, and it doesn't require an install and therefore can run on most computers with modern web browsers and the results of that one are simpler line art. On the other hand, that tools' results are much more random, while still having a street layout that makes sense. But you probably realize all that and as you point out there are definitely things I can take from that to make this new thing better.
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    Yes, that's the one. As you point out, it has a lot of settings for making things random, and you get curved streets and buildings in all kinds of directions. Anyway, great that you are working on this!

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