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    As many of you know, I am currently running a play-by-post game over at EN World based in the Witchlight Strand (area 25 of the CWBP). I started running this game for two reasons:

    1. I hoped to be able to expand upon the Witchlight Strand and make it a more detailed area.

    2. I hoped others would follow suit, and bring more detail to the entire CWBP project.

    While reason #2 has yet to come to fruition, #1 has proven to be spot on. Case in point:

    The PCs are currently in the village of Hania, located at the edge of the Liaglades on the Crescent River. The villagers are currently holed up in the local tavern waiting out the last remnants of an orcish horde, emboldened due to the recent activity of the Witchlight phenomena. The PCs have made their way into this tavern, and are currently speaking with Hania's de facto ruler, Deeson Voss, about making plans for a last-stand battle in hopes to rid Hania of the last of the orcs. Druthruss Deapseam and Vatan Redbeard (played by our own Redrobes and Korash, respectively), have asked Voss for a map of Hania in order to get a better feel of the village while they're laying out plans.

    While I can certainly throw together a quick and dirty map of the village to give the adventurers, I thought that this would be the perfect time to invite someone else to contribute to the project. I believe that situations like this are what the CWBP is all about, and I would love to see someone else get their hands dirty with it!

    To paraphrase:

    A map of the village of Hania, in the Witchlight Strand

    For continuity, the village must contain some sort of inn or tavern. There should also be some evidence of farmland, for reasons stated in the wiki writeup (link above). All else is left to the imagination of the artist.

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