Hi all,

What a great site! I've been lurking for the past week or so and I'm very impresssed. I found the guild when I was searching for map styles in an effort to figure out what to do about my D&D Campaign world map and boy are you folks talented.

I'm trying to sort out what my priorities are right now, as I have some world building to do (from the details side), campaign planning to do for each session plus I would like to have a complete map of the world.

I guess my first game of D&D was somewhere around 1979 but I didn't play a serious campaign until university in 1988. I've been playing ever since, germinating ideas and my campaign world was born in 2003. It is called Eagonia and while I have a lot of details figured out there is more that needs to be developed. I took a hiatus for 4 years to get married and have two kids and I'm now re-starting my campaign online.

Somewhere in the middle there my hard drive caught fire (no word of a lie!) and my Fractal Mapper source files were corrupted. I'm going to count that as a blessing since it encouraged me to look at my maps with a critical eye and decide to improve them which brought me to you!

So, long introduction over, I'll be starting up a WIP thread. I am virtually hopeless at the visual arts so I'll be seeking lots of advice and any friendly help I can find.