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    Map The Winding Warrens

    I've been here a few days and figured I may as well post something. This cavern complex is called the Winding Warrens--something that I did few years back.
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    Very nice - appeals to my old school heart. Cavern complexes are one of my favorite parts of any dungeon complex. It can be hard to get caverns to play nicely with a grid though, no matter what tool you are using (not that I have a vast knowledge of other tools). In my Undermountain WIP I've been struggling to get CC3 to do what I want when it comes to caverns and grids, but I think I've come up with a good solution.

    What software did you use to make this?
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    This map was done about three years ago. Frankly, I'm embarassed to say what software I used. It was just something to do while waiting for some other things to happen.

    Anyway, it was done using Microsoft Paint. Yes, Paint.

    Needless to say it took a LONG time. Although, by the end, I had devised several shortcuts to speed the process.

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    Ah...time you moved up to Photoshop or Gimp then! Somewhere on this board is frankly the most amazing mapping done in paint, but I dread to think how long it must have taken the artist. It's also really worth investing in a tablet and pen which these days are not that expensive - and besides, Christmas is coming!

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    Cartographist, are you planning/hoping to edit these out of Paint and into another program, or are you just sharing? Just curious as to what you plan to do with it.
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    Pyrnadon - Just posting to share, although I am always interested in pushing my limits. So I guess that I am considering moving it (and others) into another program.

    Ultimately, Paint is obviously a very simple program, but for a long time, it was all I was familiar with, and if there is one thing about me it is that I typically don't change unless there's real reason to do so. There's something about its simplicity that I like. Also, I was always too lazy to look for any free software that might be better. [I think that familiarity and inertia have always stopped me from upgrading.]

    Ravells had mentioned that I might invest in a tablet--I did that about a year ago. So, to me, a tablet and Paint is just like drawing on a piece of paper. If one is willing (and stubborn enough), that is all you need, right?

    RobA - Appreciate the rep.

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