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    Default Does an idea like this sound plausible

    Hey guys,

    In the fantasy world that I'm creating I've decided to give an almost scientific explanation to magick (yes, that's how i spell it in this world). I do this because mainly I've always disliked the cliche of explaining away plotholes and the unexplainable or convenient by simply saying "magick did it". I wanted to run one such idea by the guild as it helps ti explain some of the unnatural landformations on my world. Please not that my understanding of physics and meteorology are not too advanced but I hopefully explained those adequately below.

    My world is littered with deposits of a magickal substance known as Magice, so named because it's clear like ice and is actually the natural physically condensed form of magick. One of the world's moons just so happens to be made almost primarily out of magice and being an unpredictable and powerful substance it is not unknown for peices of this moon to be blown off it and fall to the world as meteorites, it happens a few times a century and some pieces the size of mountains have marked the land. But ofcourse at this rate this would see my world turned into a crater-pocked wasteland so I thought of a way to work around that.

    Magick can be dividied down into several magickal "winds", one such wind is the wind of "N'Ther" also known as the mirror-shield wind. It is the wind of illusions, deception and actually serves as one fo the best defenses against other magicks, either dampening or reflecting magick like a mirror. Now, this wind exists as form of magickal barrier in the upper atmosphere, somewhere in the area between the mesosphere and thermosphere (pic 1), about where auroras form. Please forgive the simple artwork.

    Normal meteorites can pass through this barrier normally but the barrier will resist the passage of Magice meteorites (pic 2). If a Magice meteorite strikes the barrier and it's magickal power is less than that of the barrier it will be shattered and will distergrate harmlessely in the atmosphere, the the dispersal of Magick is visible here and looks like an aurora from below. If the meteorite's power is greater than the power of the barrier it punches through, though not always in one piece which can lead to magickal meteor showers (pic 3).

    This is where the physics of magick distorts the physics of reality. When the meteorite punches through the barrier it drags some of it down with it (pic 4). My reasoning for this is that the magice is postively "charged" and the barrier is negative and so should be attracted to the meteorite, like electrons and protons magick is always seeking to balance out it's "charge". This displaced N'ther forms into a form of bubble around the meteorite (pic 5) and follows it down to the surface. The meteorite will naturally start to distintergrate like a normal meteorite but the N'ther bubble will actually slow down this distergration as it seeks to contain the magick within the bubble.

    More to come in the next post.
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