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    Default [CWBP]The village of Hania

    Hi all,
    This is a map for the CWBP, done at the request of Industry Gothica for his Witchlight Strand campaign. The PCs are holed up in the tavern (which I've randomly named Witch's Brew) plotting the town's defense against the orcish hordes with Deeson Voss. Here's the wiki entry on the village:

    Hania is a small village located on the Crescent River at the western edge of the Liaglades in the Witchlight Strand. The village is largely self-sufficient, with talented farmers and craftsmen. As such, there is no official ruler, though the villagers look to the guidance of Deeson Voss, a retired soldier and strategist.

    As the boundaries of the Savage War expanded during the last instance of the Witchlight phenomena, Hania was sacked by a raiding band of orcs. Nearly the entire village was slaughtered, but those who survived, under the guidance of Deeson Voss, somehow managed to defeat the remaining orcs and bring peace back to Hania. They are currently in the process of rebuilding.
    The WiP thread for this map is here, though I didn't really post all that many versions so there's not much to see. The base map was created using RPG Citymap Generator, the output of which I cropped and rotated...though the buildings and roads were actually pretty good as generated (something of a rarity). I used a parchment underlay and then groups of layers for buildings, trees, etc. Most have texture, bevel, outline, and texture edges layers (i.e. run Find Edges on the texture) set on various blend modes. I tried to let a little of the parchment show through everything.

    It ain't perfect but I like it a little...and it's certainly a departure from any style I've ever attempted before. Hope IG, Redrobes and the rest like it.

    NB As part of the CWBP, this map is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (link).
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