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  • Nimmerlicht by Aelyn

    3 11.11%
  • Valley of the Fey Prince by Aval Penworth

    12 44.44%
  • City of Iscarleau by Avengeil

    0 0%
  • The Town of Veegiay by Hai-Etlik

    0 0%
  • K-City Downtown by Katto

    18 66.67%
  • Ruinville by Marken4

    4 14.81%
  • Ruins of Nyth Thurnil by cereth

    13 48.15%
  • Priory of Saint Margaret of Antioch by geamon

    3 11.11%
  • Tears Of A Dragon by jtougas

    0 0%
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Thread: *** Voting: September/October Lite Challenge - The Town ***

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    Default *** Voting: September/October Lite Challenge - The Town ***

    This lite challenge was about mapping a town, using a set of building shapes as the base and a simple layout. Here's the original brief for ease of reference:

    This month's lite challenge is to design a town. We've provided the street layout of major street and the collection of house shapes to use as a starting point. You must use these as a basis for your town. However they can be merged into larger structures and you don't need to use all of them. They can be resized and you can add more building shapes to the mix if you feel that these are not enough to populate your town.

    As with the previous challenge, this can be tackled with a little out of the box thinking - as long as the shapes are clearly represented in the final map.

    The thumbs for all the entries can be found here:
    Sep/Oct Lite Challenge Thumbs

    Once you've had a look through the entries, please vote for TWO (2) of the entries. Remember to rep those that you vote for and any others that you feel deserve it.

    The voting will end on the 21st of October, in 4 days time.

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    Seriously, a lot of great entries this time, and I had a hard time picking out three entries that I thought deserved my vote. But after some thinking I settled on Aval Penworth and Katto's. Sorry everyone else, but Fey Prince-Valley had a great style and I really like the colours and the use of stone references to construct mountains. And I can never resist a 3D piece like that. I try to do some 3Dstuff myself now and then but I never manage to do anything like this Rep to both of you!

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    Some very nice entries here, as usual.

    I went for Aval Penworth and Cereth's entries, both of which are wonderful.

    Good luck all.
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    I voted for Aval's and Katto's entries, they are both amazing even though completely different.
    Good job and rep to everyone!!!

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    Great entries, guys. I've been sick/busy/tired for the last few weeks so haven't really had a chance to keep a close eyes on these entries as they developed - so most of these are new to me. You guys all did an awesome job. My votes went with the destruction this month, for Marken4 (liked the unique presentation) and cereth (simply beautiful). The entries from Aval Penworth (inspirational) and Katto (super cool) both drew my eye too but I guess I'm a ruins kinda guy. Good luck to everyone in the voting!

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    I voted for Aval, because the map is simply beautiful, especially the palace on the lower left stone. My second vote got geamon, because of the watercolour colours, which I like very much. Cereth's map is really beautiful, but the combination of border and folds? is not my taste. Well done to all who entered!

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    Some really great entries.. I went for Aelyn and Katto. Special mention to Marken4 who would have got my third vote if I had one. I really liked the hand drawn feel on that one. Great entries everyone! Rep coming your way.

    p.s. I should add that I loved Cereth's map too (really clean and artistic), but the folds didn't do it any favours.

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    I voted for Katto & Cereth - though on Cereth's I would've preferred one without the folds, it wasn't enough to overly detract from the whole piece.

    Congratz to all those who entered!
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    I voted for Katto's K-Town and my Valley of the Fey Prince, as I thought these were the standout maps this month.
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    I votes for Katto and Penworth as well. The former was the neatest looking one, and the latter seemed the most 'finished'/to have the most polished presentation.

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