This lite challenge was about mapping a town, using a set of building shapes as the base and a simple layout. Here's the original brief for ease of reference:

This month's lite challenge is to design a town. We've provided the street layout of major street and the collection of house shapes to use as a starting point. You must use these as a basis for your town. However they can be merged into larger structures and you don't need to use all of them. They can be resized and you can add more building shapes to the mix if you feel that these are not enough to populate your town.

As with the previous challenge, this can be tackled with a little out of the box thinking - as long as the shapes are clearly represented in the final map.

The thumbs for all the entries can be found here:
Sep/Oct Lite Challenge Thumbs

Once you've had a look through the entries, please vote for TWO (2) of the entries. Remember to rep those that you vote for and any others that you feel deserve it.

The voting will end on the 21st of October, in 4 days time.