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Thread: Yet another Lazy City (using Roleplaying City Map Generator)

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    Default Yet another Lazy City (using Roleplaying City Map Generator)

    I was playing with the Roleplaying City Map Generator, and this thing really rocks when you autotrace the result into vector.

    Here is an example I was playing with today. The only structure I added was the castle in the South, but if you wanted to customise the map it's pretty easy to do in vector (roads and buildings).

    I guess this would be a map accompanying a scenario indicating important structures in the city to the GM. The Key is all gibberish stuff, but I wanted to see how much one could fit in before the map started to appear cluttered and unclear. Seems like you could get another 50 labels in there and it would still work (although I suppose after a certain number you'd be better off using a simple grid reference). I'm really pleased with this, and using the Generator you can spit them out pretty quickly. Exporting in .pdf gives the added bonus of using layers to indicate different information types (which I haven't done here).

    There's a little bit of raster (the outer glow around the labels) in the map which will have pushed up the file size, but I was just being lazy. White vector circles around the numbers would work just as well.

    Also attached is a colour version showing districts.

    :: Edit :: actually looking at the size it should really be a Lazy Town rather than a Lazy city.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dunghill city.pdf   dunghill city colour.pdf  

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