Hi guys,

I've been table top RPGing for a long time, and therefore drawing maps. I like maps; it's always the first thing I do when I start work on a new game or what have you. I draw a map and throw some names down and then work out some rough details and build from there.

I was awestruck to find a forum of individuals that make maps. This rules. Of course, it follows that there would be a community out there for any specialized craft, but map making? I like maps too!

Having looked around a bit, there's a lot of talent here, and that's pretty exciting. I'm gonna try my hand at making some maps digitally (which I've attempted only sparingly in the past) and if that labor bears fruit, I'll have people to show it to. That's nice too.

Anyways, pleased to meet you.
Cya round.
Oh and Crayon's Plumton is off the charts.