Hey there,

This thread is for one of the city maps that I am creating for Empyrean Games to go with their Mechanol world. For anyone who has looked at that map, they may have noticed the seven icons that each denote one of the clockwork collossi - sentient beings that each have/are a city in constant motion around the world.

This map will show one of those cities. It is called Bellows, its emblem is the crab, which should become apparent why.

Anyway, here is where I roughly am now with it...

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Nothing is complete here, so positioning and whatnot - still not decided even on landscape or portrait - will change. I've nearly completed the fourth section of the Ring plan view at the top, which will be the trade section. I also have to add more buildings, refineries, atop the foil casements between the sectors.
I've also got some rough versions of leg cutaways that I've removed for the purpose of this image.

This is my first city map and I have to admit to being torn between taking pleasure at watching it come together, boredom at drawing iddy-biddy-shiddy buildings and bemusement at the fact that I couldn't just pop my city cherry with a nice, straightforward, static city. :s