I'm a french fellow, and I just discovered this site, searching for a map creator software. It seems perfect to what I was looking for, because it can be used with a free software (I have Gimp for Mac)! Although I saw the results of some members, and I was impressed about what can be done .
I'm just a beginner in Gimp processing, and I don't have any other tools in drawings softwares. I hope to improve easily and fast with all the help you propose!

Why am I here? Because I'm creating a RPG universe of my own, and it needs illustrations of its geography. Making my maps would be the best to illustrate it, and although for my scenarios of other games.

I am a RPG gamer for 10 years, and I'm 21. I masterize for about 7 years in some Medieval universes. And I'm from France, so please excuse my bad English.