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Thread: *poof* Archmagician Arrives

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    Post *poof* Archmagician Arrives

    Hello All!

    I just got done typing this incredibly long intro when I got a "must include post icon" and LOST it all! *cry*

    Anyway, the gist of it was:
    Currently working on a novel - will need a few maps for that
    Roleplaying since 1983 - Currently running a PBeM (it hasnt started yet) need maps! If you are curious or want to join here is a link to the site:

    Anyway, I joined this board some time ago, and I have been lurking. You guys are the BOMB when it comes to map making (I am not Worthy!). I would love to get better at making maps.

    Tools: I own Photoshop, Dundjinni, and CC3 (plus many add ons).

    My current task, to create maps for my PBeM. I am seriously struggling with this. Here is my first attempt at a Forest Map for a Wood Elf Community: Oil Lantern Glade

    The problem with this map is the forest floor. Argh that thing is uuugly! I realize that I need to do the floor in photoshop. So I tried attempting that in Grimroots Grove, but the problem I ran into, is that Dundjinni doesnt appear to let you import a jpg (like as a floor map). I think they made that product around selling Artpacks.

    So I tried exporting it and using a color grab to grab the white and delete it, but I am not having much luck here. There is always a bit of color left around the objects. I have *some* photoshop skills but they are weak.

    I tried following that AWESOME gimp tutorial on here, but it doesnt always translate well for this noob in Photoshop.

    What I would really like to do is have a kind of splotchy floor effect, with the use of a bump map to give it some "rough" feel. Now THAT would be awesome. Anyway, I will keep reading and posting as this site kicks ass!!

    thanks for tolerating my Tolstoyish like intro (Hope this one makes it!!!)
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    Welcome, Archmagician

    I am sure you will find a lot of useful info and help on this forum. It is a very friendly and helpful bunch of people

    Have fun


    P.S.: Tell us a bit about your novel. What is it about?
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    Welcome to the Guild, Archmagician!

    Check out the seamless fills thread here . I think you may find something close to what you are looking for to use for your forest floor. Unfortunately I don't use dunjinni, so I can't help there.

    Are you going for any particular 'look' with your maps?

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    Welcome, Archmagician! Glad to have you here.

    Quick question: Do you buy CC3 products to use the PNG artwork in Dundjinni, or do you use both programs for mapping?
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    The plot of my Novel is about a warrior race of dwarves. I hate to reveal too much, I would rather have you read it.

    I am not going for a particular look per se, I just want it to look nice!

    I use both. Even though I am an expert in Autocad (I used to teach it at the college level), I still find CC3 a bit diffiult to use. In Autocad, the default mode is "select" so if I drag a window across the screen I automatically select multiple objects in my CAD drawing. This is not so for CC3 and I always find myself battling this when trying to select objects. The interface is just bizarre if you ask me. I really love the look at feel you get with Photoshop effects like that outstanding tutorial you have on this website.

    I bought CC3 because I am sure I will use it for something. Perhaps City mapping, maybe some regional maps. I dont know as I havent really taken the time and effort to get into mapping.

    I was thinking that perhaps I should start a thread where I work on one of my PBeM maps and I ask questions about how to acheive certain effects, maybe we can tag this as, a good guide for noobs, since my questions will be fairly basic and ones that many other beginners might ask.
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    Welcome -

    Have you posted the importing image question at the DJ forum? they are very active there...

    and as a side not, I think you have enlarged some of your trees too much - they are intensely pixelated.

    -Rob A>

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    Good idea Rob!

    Dutch Kills, NY? Hmm is that near Astoria? I was born in Inwood, Queens.

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    Welcome Arch-mage!

    Pick up a tankard and gather round the table. There are plenty of maps n the scroll tubes about the chamber to view!
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    Archmagician, where did you find the picture of the Grimroots Grove? Was it from the Dundjinni forums? Can you give me a link?
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    Welcome! I'm so glad you found us and are already posting a map! That's great.

    Quote Originally Posted by Archmagician View Post
    I was thinking that perhaps I should start a thread where I work on one of my PBeM maps and I ask questions about how to acheive certain effects, ...
    I think this is an excellent idea! I encourage you to repost under one of the WIP threads and ask specific questions. I have a few ideas in PS that may help, but I stopped using Dundjinni a couple years ago so will be no help there.

    Once again, welcome!
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