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    Post Howdy from rlucci

    Hey Everyone. On a lark, I created a dungeon map in Photoshop the other day and on another lark, I posted it over at EN World. A couple folks there recommended this site to me and so here I am.

    I've been a gamer and an artist for many years, but I'm a nube when it comes to digital cartography.

    I poked around the site a bit before posting this. A lot of good stuff here. I'll think I'll hang out a while and make some maps...


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    Welcome to the Guild, rlucci! Always great to have new members. Please feel free to toss up a link to your work in the finished maps or WIP if you want feedback. We're a friendly bunch and will strive to answer questions and help you out the best we can and will happily learn from you in return. Again, welcome!
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    Oh poo! I already welcomed you over at your first map post (good job!), but I'll reiterate it here: welcome!!!!
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    Welcome! I'm glad you found it over here from EN World.
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    Welcome! ^_^
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    Welcome aboard! I've been absent so I'm goin back through and sayin hello to all the new arrivals since I Absolutely love new arrivals!
    All Hail FlappyMap! Long Live MapFeed!

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