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Thread: ENWorld map of the online rpg community

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    Default ENWorld map of the online rpg community

    Morrus of ENWorld has created this map (ala XKCD) of the online rpg community. Question of course is where are we (and our 27 hex landmass)!

    Anyone fancy taking a shot at making this prettier?
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    Heh. Not as good as the online community map but cool. I'm positive he made Paizo too small...but I guess he's talking mind-share rather than market share. And, yeah, we should at least get a hex!

    I don't even know half of these entities. Have to look some of them up.

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    well, 1 hex = 1000 members, so we're up for 25 hexes *lol* or 2-3 if its active members ... and I agree, that could be way prettier - but fun idea

    and concidering where we should be - I would say - the hub of the world - we got our fingers in all those worlds.. pulling the threads... WE ARE OLYMPIANS/ASGARDIAN/AND-ALL-THE-OTHERIANS *lol*
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    Quote Originally Posted by tilt View Post
    That gave me a bit o'chuckle... I like the 'hub of the world' idea, with ley or rhumb lines.
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