Hey all,

i have already posted this on the profantasy site but thought I would ask here too. this seems to be more active anyway. By the way long time lurker first time poster. Moderators, I hope this is the right forum if not could you please move it to the correct area, thanks.

I have a question concerning DD3, I did a search in the forum and over at cartographersguild but couldn't find anything. So here it is, I am currently working on a dungeon and I have a room (like an eating hall) that has a recessed floor down the middle, I was wondering if there is anything I can do with effects to create the illusion of a recessed floor.

Now my problem. In CD3 I am working on a small farming village and I am using the floorplan tool to link a tavern with a floorplan. I can create the link just fine and it will open the floor plan up no problem as well. The problem is the template that the floorplan uses is the same as the one from the village map. Meaning that the background is 1000'x800' so the actual floorplan shows up on the map as a little thumbnail in the corner. I can zoom in on it to work but I would rather it use the DD3 template that I told it to use in the floorplan setup.

Any ideas?