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Thread: Dragon Lance DL1 Dungeon Map - Old School

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    Default Dragon Lance DL1 Dungeon Map - Old School

    I have been trying my hand at drawing some "old school blue" maps from torstan's TUT on how to make an old school map.

    This map is from the old TSR 9130 Dragon Lance - Dragons of Despair.
    (I also need someone to show me how to do the "thumb" size that links to the large size map).

    This map is only the layout.

    If this is copyright material, let me know and I'll remove this. It says "Permission granted to photocopy or print this product for personal use". (I dont want to do anything illeagle).

    Ok, I modified the dungeon so as I wont infringe on any copyright stuff.

    Ok this is complete!
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