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Thread: Midgard, a fantasy state.

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    Wip Midgard, a fantasy state.

    Long time since I registered here and made my introduction post. Allot further on my map project now. Just showing it for now, I'll come up with more specific questions later (like how to get the glacier structure a bit more realistic).
    Since it's a WIP its still in PSD format (so you can play with the layers because there is no legend yet):

    JPG version:

    Info about the area I am trying to picture:

    Crude legend:
    Black = mountains
    Red lines in mountains = height-lines
    White spots on mountaintops = eternal snow line

    Blue lines = rivers
    Red lines = main roads
    Dark red lines = secondary roads
    Light green, darker green, dark green = the tree large forests and their magical rivers magical water (see: anatomy of a Midgardian forest for a description of the layers)
    light green = small "tamed" forests.
    Green, dark green, brown = hill area's and their respective height.

    Large black dots = cities
    Small red dots = villages
    purple spots = killing fields (explained at the end of this page:
    Blue dots at the border = sclera (A form of military settlement/ border patrol)
    Large blue dots = military settlements (forts)

    It think thats it. If you open the photoshop file though you can look at the reason the village was placed in that place (as in: is this mainly a hunting village or mainly a woodcutting village or did they settle here because it is a holy place?)

    The size of Midgard is about the size and general shape of Spain.

    Edit: Added the JPG map as an attachment and added a crude (in post) legend.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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