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Thread: GeneralVyse's City and Ship Drawings....

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    Link GeneralVyse's City and Ship Drawings....

    GeneralVyse is a British aficionado and enthusiast of the military and naval traditions of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century. Normally for the Guild that would not be of much interest, but the General has used his drafting and photoshopping skills to turn out some incredible maps for a Napoleonic age naval fantasy world he dreamed up.

    Head on over to and start poking around. Among the drawings and photos of ships and uniforms you'll find several maps such as:

    Port Deviant at (click on the map to enlarge it)

    Remote Island at (which has been photoshopped to make it look like its out of a 19th Century printed book--Holy Cow, well done sir)

    The Republican Port of Istanbul at

    The Republican Port of Keel at

    Fort Arthur on St. James Bay at

    A panoramic view of Fort Arthur at

    An example of one of his many of his age of fighting sail ship drawings can be found at

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    Wow, that's some pretty impressive work! Good find.
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    I really am intrigued by his style! Line-art with a human touch. Also, his color choices (ex: on Port Deviant) are far too saturated, graish, and clashing--and yet they absolutely work! How did he do that??

    Great, great find. Someone needs to invite him over here! An admirable talent.
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    Cool Find!

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    Woah, I love all navy related things... plus maps are awesome.

    So this guy is like... a god?
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