I've posted few days ago, the "finished" map of Galia.
I mentioned that this map was only a small global presentation of this fictionnal country.

Here is the thread :

The rest is still in progress.
Here is what it looks like :

Here is a topographic map of Galia (click on map to zoom) :

There is still a big hole in the middle of the map because I made a change in an area covering several central provinces.

Here is a map of all the canopees, a canopee is a small administrative division similar to a US county or a french commune. It will be helpfull to make population maps and stuff like that (click on map to zoom).

Finaly here what provincial maps looks like.
I have a scale problem so I can't show you a complete province but just a small part right now (click on maps to zoom).

From left to right : The small coast of North Isthmus (Isthme-du-Nord) - The unpopulated province of Silo - The province of Deläväar unfinished map - The mountainous Black Coast (Côte-Noire).

Approximately 10 of the 46 provinces are completed.
30 others are in a good way.
I have just started 3 that need to be enhanced
and 3 others needs to be completely done .

Hope you'll like it.